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Explorers at heart, we’re on a mission to enrich lives through financial education and inclusivity.

We envision a world in which everyone understands money and makes it work for them, not the other way around.

What We Do

For Individuals

Enlightening Workshops, Courses and 1-on-1 Financial Health Programs

For Schools

Interactive Courses for Students of Classes 6-12

For Colleges

High Impact Courses for Young Adults Between Ages 18 and 22

For Organizations

Transformational Financial Wellness Programs and Tax Filing for your Employees

For Individuals

Financial fitness, much like physical fitness, is an integral part of our overall well-being. And mastering the art of personal finance management is hugely rewarding, in more ways than one. But the seemingly vast and complex world of personal finance can be quite intimidating.

A well-guided, innovative approach towards effective money management is the game-changer you’re looking for. At Rupiko, we’ve distilled lifelong financial well-being into eight simple steps.

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For Schools

Young minds are adept at absorbing everything from their environment. But sound lessons about money for that age group are not easily found. Understanding the value of money early on results in being better financial decision-makers later in life.

Weaving basic concepts of money into relatable stories for children, we offer a collection of courses for children and teens between the ages of 12 and 18.

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For Colleges

Designed mainly for final year students, our Work Readiness Program equips soon-to-be graduates with the fundamental knowledge, positive money mindset, skills and ability to navigate their finances as soon as they start their careers, ensuring lifelong financial security and success.

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For Organizations

Research says that
– Less than 10% of millennial’s income goes towards savings
– Over 60% of working adults across the world are stressed about their money
– Due to this, organizations lose on average 12.4 productive workdays annually

Money is only a threshold motivator. It must not hinder individual and organizational progress.

Rupiko’s hands-on wellness programs educate, engage, and inspire employees to re-look at their monetary habits and derive happiness from the work they do, rather than solely from the money they make. This provides greater job satisfaction and boosts organizational success.

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Simplified and Actionable Approach to Finance

Human Touch with just the right amount of Tech

Interactive Sessions that Aid in Wholesome Learning

Who We Are

Komal Shivdasani

Komal Shivdasani


Financial Coach / Tree Hugger

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Rushina Thacker

Rushina Thacker

Ex Co-founder

Chartered Accountant / Weekend Masterchef

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What Our Patrons Say

I’ve attended their session in Mumbai and it was so helpful. I’ve started applying what they taught and it has made me more financially stable. The best part about their session is the relatability and practicality of the content.

Kenneth Abraham

Kenneth Abraham
Event Manager

They successfully changed the way I perceive money and has demystified it for me, to manage myself. They even provided custom tools for us to play around and to plan and keep a track on our savings and expenses. Really appreciate it! Would highly recommend!


Aromal Ram
UX Designer

I attended the personal finance session and it was really good. The session was crisp and informative. It’s also an important topic that I think everyone should be educated on. I highly recommend it.

Tanuja Jayaram
Product Manager

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