The updates, news, and messages doing the rounds over the last one week have been pretty scary. COVID-19, aka Coronavirus, has gripped the world.

This is a difficult time. The economy is taking a hit. Markets are plummeting faster than ever before. And people across the planet are either in panic mode, or in constant anxiety about the future. Your financial health can be a major contributor to your mental health as well. In these times of financial uncertainty, taking some concrete action and having a solid plan can boost your well-being immensely.

We’ve put together a brief guide on some of the most common, and most important questions we’ve been getting during the last one week. These are questions that might be on your mind too. So, here’s what we recommend you seriously consider.


With social distancing on the rise, this is also a good time to invest in yourself. Read up on financial concepts that baffle you, even if just a little everyday. Upgrading your skills and knowledge will never fail to hold you in good stead.

Irrespective of how the next few months unfold, reviewing and strengthening your finances is always wise. Since money is usually the number one cause for stress across the world, think of this as smart self-care in stressful times. And when you’re done: Keep calm, and wash your hands.

Rushina Thacker

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