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Are you Approaching Cryptocurrencies with the Wrong Mindset? image

Recently while I was in Uttarakhand, I had an interesting conversation with an old friend that got me thinking about how we approach cryptocurrencies.  My friend is a mountaineer by profession, born and brought up in a small village in the Uttarkashi district. On learning about her ambitious goals, I asked her if she invested, and where. To this, she said that she has a few fixed deposits. But the conversation quickly moved from FDs to mutual funds to equities to crypto (just like any investment conversation these days). And when it came to crypto, I saw her enthusiasm peak. Her viewpoint on this was, “It’s the fastest way to become a crorepati”.   This got me thinking. How many of us ...

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The difference between VPF & PPF image

Provident fund

In keeping with the spirit of the “investment declaration” season that is April, let’s go over a very specific investment avenue, the Provident Fund. You must be well aware that PF is quite a popular avenue for long-term investing. What’s more interesting is that there are broadly three types. Employers provide EPF, aka the Employer’s Provident Fund. (Refer to Know Your PF Account over a Bowl of Noodles)Another similar kind of avenue is the PPF, aka the Public Provident Fund. A PPF account may be opened by you whether you are employed or not.The third type of PF, the VPF or Voluntary Provident Fund. This is available to those who are employed and want to voluntarily contribute more to their ...

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