How does one check the TDS that has been deducted against their PAN? It can sometimes be quite confusing, especially since there are various kinds of forms that all relate to Income Tax.

There is a difference between Form 26AS, Form 16 and Form 16A.

Form 26AS

It is a consolidated statement provided on the Income Tax Department’s website. The statement contains details of all taxes that have been deducted (TDS) against your PAN. These taxes have most likely been deducted by your employer or your bank.

On the form, you’ll also see the amount of refund you’ve received, taxes you’ve paid as well as any TCS credit you’re entitled to.

Form 16, Form 16A

Form 16 is a form issued by your employer. It states the total amount of income you’ve received and the total amount of TDS that the employer has deducted against your PAN for that income.

Form 16A contains the same details. The only difference is that this form is for a non-employee. If you are a freelancer, this is the form that your hiring company sends you. Professionals and contractors are the main categories of people that fall under this Form.

How do I check the TDS amount reflecting in Form 26AS?

Login to your Income Tax Account on (User ID is your PAN number). If you don’t have an account already, please register.

Once you’ve logged in, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “My Account”
  2. View Form 26AS (Tax Credit)  → Confirm → I agree → Proceed
  3. Click View Tax Credit (Form 26AS) to view your Form 26AS
  4. Select the Assessment Year as 2019-20 (for Financial Year 2018-19)
  5. If you want to download it – click on View as – PDF
  6. Enter the verification code and then View/Download
  7. You’ll see if there’s any TDS in your name
  8. The password for the downloaded file is your DOB in ddmmyyyy format

For further reading, head to the Value Research website here.

Author Bio - Komal Shivdasani

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