Our Story

We are Rupiko, a for-benefit enterprise striving towards financial education and inclusivity for all.

During the course of working in this field, we came across people in our own circles struggling with a number of financial issues. Digging deeper, we found that the lack of knowledge about personal finance management, the fear and uncertainty around investing, and an outdated approach towards money was giving rise to much bigger problems. Stress and dissatisfaction, that in turn impact an individual’s overall well-being as well as interpersonal relationships.

With 76% of Indian adults being financially illiterate, we knew that financial well-being is the need of the hour. And we realised that a conventional financial consultancy firm wasn’t our answer. Education was the only way.

So, in June 2019, we founded Rupiko, with the aim to redefine financial well-being. To create a world in which every individual understands the true meaning of money, is equipped to make sound financial decisions with confidence and is able to have open conversations around this subject, thereby enhancing their overall well-being. Armed with lifelong lessons in money management, we believe that anybody, whether at schools, colleges or in the working world, could dramatically transform their lives and elevate the lives of those around them.

Rupiko conducts interactive workshops, courses and programs on personal finance with individuals across industries. Making the dry subject of finance interesting, relatable and practical, we nudge people to look at money differently, while also demystifying financial jargon, providing actionable tools and insights and guiding people on the road to wholesome financial well-being.

Meet the Founders

Komal Shivdasani

Komal Shivdasani

Komal Shivdasani is a Financial Coach with over a decade of experience. Starting her career at a Chartered Accountancy firm in Pune, Komal quickly learnt the ins and outs of the financial world. She then moved on to successfully set up and lead the Finance division of India’s largest trekking organization and has guided numerous people in their journey to financial freedom.

Outside of work, you’ll find Komal either buried in a book, planning her next adventure, or writing about her previous one.

Connect with her on komal@rupiko.in

Rushina Thacker

Rushina Thacker

Rushina Thacker is a Chartered Accountant by profession, and one of the youngest at that. Having worked at HDFC (Mumbai) as a Credit Manager, she has extensive knowledge and expertise in the credit and lending sector, among other areas of personal finance. Volunteering at Auroville as well as in the Himalayas ignited the spark to be a social entrepreneur at a ripe young age of 25, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Rushina is a curious traveler and actively practices sustainable ways of living.

Connect with her on rushina@rupiko.in

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