1-on-1 Twelve Week Program

Hands-on, personalized guidance on all aspects of personal finance, that propel you to live the life of your dreams.

Money must aid, and not hamper your growth. This program enables you to take action, put your money to work, and make it grow. Learn the art of investing, budgeting, goal-setting, expense management, debt management, tax planning and a lot more through tailor-made sessions that cater to your specific needs and goals.



Whatever stage of life you’re at, exploring the world of finance is always rewarding. And at Rupiko, we deep-dive into not only the tools and methods required for effective money management, but we also discuss mindsets and the role of money in relationships.

The program will be conducted online, via email and video calls. Over a period of three months, you’ll be interacting, one-on-one, in a judgement-free space, with one of the founders of Rupiko.



At the end of 12 sessions held over 12 weeks, you will:

  • Be well-acquainted and comfortable with your own finances as well as the world of personal finance
  • Be guided through Rupiko’s 8-step method to wholesome financial well-being
  • Learn how to grow your wealth
  • Have the knowledge and confidence to make well-informed financial decisions that impact not just your own life, but also your family’s
  • Eliminate any fear of financial jargon
  • Imbibe the ability to sustain these simple practices throughout life


You know you need this program if you identify with any of the following:

  • Money matters stress you out
  • You’re constantly looking for ways to manage your finances better
  • You think you can do better financially but are not sure where or how to begin
  • You would like to learn about the best practices in money management


The Why

Personal Finance Management is a life skill that isn’t taught in schools or colleges. It’s a subject that isn’t even widely discussed among close friends and family. And if discussed, the advice is rarely professional and objective, leading to messy finances and a low sense of well-being.

All these reasons make it imperative for an individual to understand what the best practices around money management are, and how to use this knowledge to stay financially fit through all the ups and downs of life.


The What

Rupiko’s twelve week “Financial Health Program”, will guide you through essential personal financial management skills such as expense management, effective utilization of credit cards, getting yourself insured, formulation and adherence to a budget, financial goal-setting, understanding the various investment avenues, putting in place the best possible investment strategy for the long term, understanding the basics of income tax and other subtler areas of the financial world, like the role of money in relationships, and in business. You’ll learn how to efficiently navigate your finances through life’s ups and downs, irrespective of the quantum of income.


The How

The program is conducted through twelve personalized, one-on-one sessions, with one of the founders of Rupiko. It is a tailor-made program, taking into account the uniqueness of your personal financial health. By the end of the 12 week period, you will not only have a solid investment strategy in place, but you’ll also be well-equipped to manage your money with confidence and ease, for life.

Other Details

Rupiko Financial Services is not a portfolio management company. We are a team of financial wellness coaches that advocate financial freedom, and guide individuals on a journey to wholesome financial well-being through education, interaction and concrete action.


Lifelong membership to the Rupiko community for financial guidance, anytime, anywhere.


12 Weeks

Program Fee

₹ 11,950 (all inclusive)

Note: ₹1,000 paid as advance, balance before program commences.


Eager to take this financial journey with us, but have some nagging questions? Feel free to reach our team on +91-702 121 1749. We’d be happy to sort out your concerns. 🙂

Personal Finance for Young Professionals

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