Mutual Funds Masterclass

Join in for this special, WOMEN-ONLY workshop and learn about the world of mutual funds.

  • Learn the basics of mutual funds and how they work,
  • Understand the various kinds of mutual funds available today and,
  • Master the art of picking the right mutual funds for your needs.

The workshop will be conducted through a live online session of 1.5 hours: Saturday, November 26, 2022. Meeting link will be shared via email on the date of the workshop.

**Limited seats so that we’re able to address as many of your concerns as possible.
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Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the basics of how a mutual fund works
  • Discover various resources to help you build your own mutual fund portfolio
  • Know the different kinds of mutual funds available and how to pick the right ones for yourself
  • Understand the effects of taxation on mutual funds
Note: Prior knowledge of mutual funds is NOT required to attend this workshop.


Date and Time

Saturday, November 26, 2022 – 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM


Registration Fee


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Komal Shivdasani

Financial Coach and Co-founder, CEO at Rupiko, Komal has spent over a decade in this field. Moving from a Chartered Accountancy firm in Pune, to setting up and heading the Finance division of a Bangalore based start-up, to starting her own venture, Komal combines her rich financial experience with her innate empathy, drive, and problem-solving approach, to assist people in managing their money the best way possible.

You may read more about the founders and Rupiko’s story here.


This workshop has been designed with utmost care, taking into account the various money management hurdles that women like us face. If you’re looking to better your knowledge of the world of finance, or simply want to take charge of your money, we guarantee that this workshop will prove beneficial for you and put you on the path to wholesome financial well-being.


Still have some questions or concerns? You may reach out to us on info@rupiko.in.

Note: Limited Seats Only.
Mutual Funds Masterclass for Women

This workshop is free courtesy the Lithuanian Development Cooperation. The Republic of Lithuania has invested funds into the project, “Promotion of Financial Literacy of Women in India”. Rupiko is the proud implementer of this project.

Happy Workshop Attendees

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